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Should I use Minoxidil in Addition to PRP?

Updated: Feb 26

Minoxidil vs. PRP for hair loss in Raleigh, NC

According to studies (such as this one), Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are in fact more effective than minoxidil therapy. However, we encourage patients to supplement their PRP treatments with whatever additional therapies they feel comfortable with. Some patients will pursue PRP treatments alone. while others will continue to use minoxidil (either topically or orally) in conjunction with PRP to boost the benefit - we do ask that you not apply any topicals the day of your PRP treatment.

While our providers do not sell or prescribe minoxidil in our office, we are happy to make recommendations to you so you can find the right treatment for your unique health concerns and lifestyle. Ultimately, we share your goal in helping you counteract hair thinning/loss and are happy to help you find the right adjunct therapies to boost your results.

Schedule an appointment with one of our board certified physicians or physician assistants. Or learn more about PRP treatments for hair loss and thinning.

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