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PRP: New Migraine Treatment Gaining Popularity

PRP Migraine Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) contains natural growth factors that have proven to be an invaluable source of pain relief for conditions such as osteoarthritis. But recently PRP has also been gaining popularity as a new migraine treatment (as well as tension headache treatment).

We have long known that trigger points, located within the back/neck/shoulder muscles, can be a source of migraines, headaches, and debilitating myofascial pain, all on their own. Typically medical providers might inject these trigger points with steroids (a chemical), or prescribe a medication that may have side effects and/or lead to rebound headaches. But with PRP injections, we are utilizing your own blood (more specifically, the platelets/plasma within it), to reduce inflammation and speed healing to these areas that can often be a catalyst for migraines.

PRP Trigger Point Injections for migraines, are natural, safe and have no contraindications. At The PRP Center, we are the experts in platelet-rich plasma injections and are pleased to treat migraine and headache sufferers with this revolutionary procedure. If you have already been diagnosed with chronic migraines/headaches by your physician (primary care or neurologist) and traditional treatments have not been successful, please contact us. All the providers at The PRP Center are Board-Certified Physicians or Physician Assistants and are highly experienced in PRP injection techniques. Learn more about PRP Trigger Point Injections for Migraines at The PRP Center

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