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Now Partnering with Nutrafol - Hair Loss Supplements

Nutrafol for hair loss supplements at PRP Center of Raleigh

The PRP Center of Raleigh is proud to announce their partnership with Nutrafol. Patients will receive a special discount when you purchase Nutrafol at the time of your appointment. We carry both men and women's hair supplements in-office.

Nutrafol has built a reputation as an effective supplement for combating the root causes of hair loss. Its patented, clinically tested products were investigated by our medical director who was impressed by Nutrafol's 100% natural ingredients - something that is in line with our own mission of naturally thickening hair. While Nutrafol alone cannot replace the need for hair PRP, we recommend it as an added benefit to your PRP treatment.

Learn more about Nutrafol:

Please feel free to speak with our providers about it during your next appointment.

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