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Why Our Hair PRP Clinic is Different - Hair PRP in Raleigh, NC

hair loss PRP treatment in raleigh, nc

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) hair treatments have rapidly gained in popularity over the last 5-10 years. So much so that sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to chose where to receive hair PRP treatment in the Raleigh area.

Since PRP doesn’t work for everyone and the results can vary greatly depending on many factors, it’s important to give yourself the very best chances for success. With that in mind, below are some key factors and differentiators to consider when choosing whether you want to pursue hair PRP treatment and which clinic to trust with your care.

1. Who is performing the actual hair PRP treatment?

Although many aestheticians and medspas now offer hair PRP treatment as one of their services, at The PRP Center only board-certified physicians and physician assistants perform hair PRP (aka fully trained and licensed medical professionals). Our providers are skilled injectors and, as a result, many patients tell us our hair injections hurt much less than at other clinics they tried previously.

2. Who is performing the blood draw?

At The PRP Center, we utilize only experienced and certified phlebotomists to draw your blood. We understand this part of the process can be uncomfortable for some patients, which is why we strive to make it as easy and quick as possible with highly trained professional phlebotomists.

3. Does the clinic have safety measures in place?

While PRP carries incredible benefits for your own body, it is not suitable for others and therefore it’s incredibly important that PRP clinics have protocols and safeguards in place to ensure patients’ blood samples NEVER cross paths. At The PRP Center, we have many levels of such safeguards in place, including a unique color-coding system that ensures your blood sample and PRP remains with you, and you only.

4. Are you committed to treatment long term?

During your initial consult our provider will go over your treatment protocol and discuss expectations. It’s important that hair PRP patients understand that the process is a marathon, not a race. It can take up to 6 months to start seeing results. You’ll start with a series of 3-4 rounds of treatments, spaced 1 month apart, and then will switch to a maintenance plan every 6 months.

One of the first differences our patients notice after several months is a decrease in shedding. It’s usually after that point that small hair sprouts will start to be seen. For some patients, the end result is maintaining what they have (prevention), for some it’s decreased shedding (slowing down the loss), and for others it’s an actual increase in hair thickness and number of follicles. Your results will vary greatly depending on your age, health and underlying cause of hair loss.

5. Have you decided whether you require financing?

At The PRP Center, we offer package discounts when you purchase multiple hair PRP treatments at once. However, we understand patients don’t always want to pay it all at once. For this reason we offer CareCredit, which is essentially healthcare financing. Please visit our pricing page on our website to learn more and apply for an immediate credit line.

6. Have you researched clinics and compared pricing?

When you research various PRP clinics, you’ll notice there’s a wide range in pricing for hair PRP. Our Medical Director has been performing PRP in the Raleigh area for 10+ years and is committed to offering reasonable pricing for PRP in order to make it more accessible for patients. Since PRP is unfortunately not covered by insurance, our goal is to make it as affordable as possible for patients to pursue this elective but safe and natural alternative to other hair loss treatment options.

If you've researched hair PRP in Raleigh, NC and are ready to schedule your first treatment, please visit our scheduling page to either request an appointment or book directly online.

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