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"Baby Vampire" PRP Facial: A New Twist On the Original "Vampire" Facial

Baby Vampire PRP facial in Raleigh

Most people became familiar with the "Vampire" PRP facial after Kim Kardashian posted an unforgettable photo of herself right after the procedure, her face covered in blood. Since then research has shown that you don't need to microneedle the face as deep in order for the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to penetrate the skin and offer substantial benefits (aka more collagen and less wrinkles and scarring).

With this research in mind, our medical director has created a new twist on the original "Vampire" facial that we like to call the "Baby Vampire" PRP Facial. And it's exactly as it sounds - we are still using PRP, but instead are microneedling at a more shallow depth. The difference is:

  • Less invasive/painful (most patients are completely comfortable without the use of lidocaine or medications)

  • Less downtime (most patients return to regular activities within 24-48 hours)

  • Less expensive (see our PRP pricing)

  • Less time in the office (the procedure only takes about 20 minutes)

By using the natural growth factors contained in your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a "Baby Vampire" facial is completely natural and safe with no side effects (besides some minimal swelling and discomfort during the recovery period).

During your visit to our office, you'll first meet with our Board-Certified Physician Assistant to review your basic medical history (note: we are a medical clinic, not a medspa, and therefore only have medical providers on staff). Our experienced phlebotomist will then draw your blood and our medical team will perform a process to concentrate the PRP. Our P.A. will then perform the microneedling with the PRP, and if there is any PRP leftover she may send it home with you with instructions on how to re-apply it over the next week (PRP is only good in the refrigerator for up to 7 days). We recommend a series of 3 treatments spaced one month apart for best results.

Ready to schedule your "Baby Vampire" PRP facial? Click here to either request an appointment or book directly online.

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